Male Cat Behavior: Neutering Makes A Difference!

Are you wondering if neutering really does have a huge effect on male cat behavior? It does! Cats are already selfish and cunning by nature, and males can bring additional behavioral traits like aggression and urine spraying to the table as well. Suddenly your adorable ball of fur looks like he inspired Pet Cemetery. When you become familiar with these behaviors, you will better understand just why neutering is so beneficial.


Male cats are already more aggressive than females. Unaltered males have higher levels of testosterone making them more hostile. This makes him dangerous to other animals, you, your family and himself. Your cat can be seriously injured by indulging in his desire to fight. He may be protecting his territory or might simply wander into the territory of another cat or dog.

Bite wounds can become infected and carry disease or they could develop into abscesses. Either way, vet care will be needed, if he manages to make it back home. A sterile male is far less likely to instigate or participate in a fight unless he has to.


Unaltered males will often roam pretty impressive distances when they are trying to find a female in heat. This puts them at risk for a variety of dangers. First, they can get lost. A Tom can pick up on a female scent from seven miles away! That is a lot of ground to cover and it is highly unlikely that he will find his way all the way back home, even if he doesn’t stumble into danger.

Clearly, if he’s traveling several miles, he’s bound to cross into the territory of another animal and have to either fight to get through or defend himself to get out.

Neutered males don’t have the same psychological sex drive so roaming is less of an issue. He may still wander over to the neighbor’s or make his rounds around the subdivision every morning but he will be content staying in a smaller territory.


Spraying is one of the most undesirable behavioral traits you will need to deal with if your cat is not neutered. He will mark both outside and inside, showing no mercy to your sheer valances or that long dress in the back of the closet reserved for special occasions. It is suggested that neutering reduces the urge to spray by as much as 85 percent.

Why Neuter?

Neutering reduces the urge to roam, spray and fight. Neutered felines take better care of themselves when it comes to grooming and it decreases the strong odor of urine that male cats are known to have. It will not change the cat’s personality but it will modify some less than desirable behavioral traits and urges.

Not to mention, neutering reduces your cat’s risk of testicular cancer and it keeps you from contributing to the millions of unwanted cats either roaming the streets or being destroyed in shelters. There is a lot to learn when it comes to male cat behavior; most undesirable traits can be controlled by a visit to your vet.

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