Change in Behavior:Cause For Concern?

If you have a cat, change in behavior is always a cause for concern. Sometimes it’s nothing but a temper tantrum and redirected aggression but other times, it’s something much more serious. If you are dealing with behavioral changes, this is something that cannot be ignored. Cats don’t act out or differently for no reason.

Are there Changes in the Home?

Before jumping to conclusions and stressing that your feline friend is seriously sick, you should evaluate the home environment first. Have there been any changes? Did you get a new pet or lose one? Keep in mind that if you recently had to put a pet down or one passed, this vacancy affects the cat just as much as it affects you, even if you don’t think the two were ever that close.

You also want to consider if there are any new people in the home like a baby, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., or if you’ve lost someone. Once again, vacancy takes a toll on your cat. If you have a teenager who has left for college or if you recently got a divorce, this could account for changes in behavior.

Early Signs of Illness

If there have been no drastic changes in your living environment and your cat is offering different behavior, a vet visit is definitely warranted. In fact, even if there have been changes at home, it still doesn’s hurt to go ahead and have your cat checked out if he or she is acting different. You could dismiss the behavior as them being upset but it could also be random timing and there could be serious health concerns present.

It’s important to understand that early warning signs of a serious illness can be so mild that they often get overlooked, especially in a busy household. Small changes in behavior may seem insignificant and sometimes even adorable so they get dismissed until eventually they seem like normal behavior. In the meantime, a disease could be rapidly progressing.

Common Cat Behavioral Changes to Watch For

  • Overly-friendly – If you have a cat that has always been a little independent and never really craved too much attention who suddenly turns into a lap cat crying to be petted, there could be a problem.
  • Withdrawn – Is your cat all of a sudden staying away from everyone when they were once friendly? This is definitely a cause for concern.
  • Urination – Cats who are ill or in pain will often start to relieve themselves outside their litter box. This could be the result of a long list of health problems.
  • Thirsty – Is your cat drinking a lot more than usual? This could be a sign of diabetes or a kidney problem.
  • Behavioural Traits – Cats that all of a sudden start scratching at things, drinking from the faucet or rubbing their ears are all examples of changes in behavioural traits that should be checked out.

It is important that you always take the time to be observant of your cat; change in behaviour should never simply be dismissed no matter how insignificant you may think that it is!


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