Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

How They Think – What Drives Their Actions

Dear Friend:

Welcome to Cat Behavior Solutions.

My name is Sonia Manning and I've been a cat lover for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until one of my cats started displaying problem behaviors that I realized I didn’t really even understand much about my cats – or why they do the things they do!

And I knew intuitively that if I didn’t understand them – what they were thinking and what made them tick – I wouldn’t be able to train them or correct their problem behaviors.  So I went about learning about my cats – and discovering what’s behind their behaviors.

I started Cat Behavior Solutions as a free resource for others who wish to understand their cats better, and to learn more about taking care of them and how to give them the best life possible.

The articles here on my website will be your guide to learning more about your cats’ behaviors including the reasons behind their habits (good and bad)! It will also help you understand how they change as they age, what health problems they may experience, the differences between breeds, and much more.

So enjoy the journey with your little furry friend!